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Turkish Oud Artist Baha Yetkin, recording Diamond In Black

Hi Everyone,

While preparing the release of the next song Diamond In Black, on the 28th April, I wanted to share a little treat with you. This is Baha Yetkin, Turkish oud artist and composer who is based in London, recording his oud for Diamond In Black, from his home.

I have been lucky to have performed live with Baha many times. We performed Turkish Classical music on several occasions. He also from time to time joined my band at our gigs.

Check Baha's Facebook page. If you are into Turkish classical music, he does hold regular classes in London, and currently he is carrying on online.

We are very lucky that London offers us all these musical ambassadors of tons of different cultures and within that Baha is certainly a gem.

Take care of yourselves and keep washing them hands!

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