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Lyrics - Diamond In Black

You have chosen life

Just like any other soul

But its not you or I

Who will cruelly make the call

Wish I had the power, to wipe out this order

I would take less if it gives you

A chance to grow

I would hold you in my arms

Twinkly little star

Let you grow with love, only love

I am not going to lie or try and convince you

That we know what is fair or there is justice to protect you

Like this is not enough, there’s a darker truth

Some do not cry as they are snatching your youth

Now all that I can say

You’re a diamond in black

We’ll remember with love

Please forget all you’ve seen

There’s still beauty in this world

Why you’ve not been granted rips my heart apart

Your stay was short and your family was helpless

Remember them fondly, it wasn’t their fault

Hope you feel it in your bones

As you trade your path

That we send you with love, only love

What we’ve built all around you

Noone could stand

Wherever you’re going

I do understand

As you’re walking out of this man made hell

I wish I were with you

Holding your little hand

Hold your little palm

Walking along

Walking with love, only love

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