To be released in November 2020o..

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New World Songs from Lockdown is the album in the making, of Djanan Turan, an immigrant mother originally from Turkey, a female producer singer songwriter who has been based in London's creative and musical community for the past 20 years.

Djanan has been writing a new album for the last two years in which she expresses her challenges with sense of belonging within this world that has been consistently increasing it’s brutality on some. With these emotional struggles more amplified since having had her baby, she is using the power of songs to contribute towards a world of beauty and justice, with a heart and mind that struggles to settle in what she can’t agree with. Despite a discernible resentment, they encompass the secrets she shares, towards a better world. 


The album was meant to be recorded in the studio and released in October 2020. In a drastic change of events, in light of a global lockdown and it’s new way of life Djanan decided to go ahead with producing this album with kindred musicians in lockdown. Recording her ideas at home she is now sharing the files with other musicians who record their parts working remotely in their home studios.


This collaboration between 10+ globally experienced musicians whom Djanan met at different stages of her musical journey is an unexpected and inspirational get together in times where they feel music is much needed. 

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